Graduate Student Association for Atmospheric Sciences at Howard University

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What GSAAS Stands for

The Graduate Student Association for Atmospheric Sciences has been formed as a student organization with three main goals in mind:


  1. To foster growth of Atmospheric Sciences both at/in the name of Howard University and in general.

  2. To provide a student-faculty/staff interface which will allow for better communication of concerns and opinions of both parties, pertaining to the Howard University Atmospheric Sciences (HUPAS) program.

  3. To facilitate interrelationships among the many departments and disciplines in the HUPAS program.


GSAAS plans to forward these goals through series of professional, social, and educational events, as well as panels and discussions among HUPAS members. There will be general meetings of GSAAS members, at least once each month, where events and issues will be discussed. In addition, there will be several committees formed by GSAAS members for the planning of discussions and events.



Reminder - Elections are on the Way! We elect our next officers at our next General Body Meeting: April 19! Remember to nominate next year's officers via email. The description of the officers' duties can be found in the consitution, downloadable here

Minutes have also been updated - notes from our last two events can be downloaded below:

Alumni Roundtable - advice from HUPAS alumni

Joint Meeting with DC-AMS with research presentations

Also, membership forms can be downloaded here - please bring yours to the election meeting!


Old Announcements

We are ready to start a new school year! This is the first general body meeting of the Graduate School Association for Atmospheric Sciences (GSAAS). We are also HU-AMS the Howard University student chapter of the American Meteorological Society.


We’re happy to see the large number of new faces and even happier about the enthusiasm of everyone. It looks to be a promising year!


Anticipated activities this semester include participation in the 2010 WeatherFest on the National Mall, a trip to the Army Research Lab (ARL), as well as old standbys such as the Thanksgiving Potluck!

We will be participating in the WeatherFest on the National Mall, October 23-24. The following we have planned for activites. Demo/Training will be at Beltsville on September 24 at 5 PM!

WeatherFest Activity


Leader contact


Can Crush

Mayra Oyola

aryam.ivelisse at

Cans, water, ice, basin

Vortex in Bottle

Megan Payne

megan.payne at

Bottles, water, connectors?

Bottle Balloon Inflator

Adrian Flores

Quanta21 at

Bottles, ballooons

Liquid Densities

Micheal Hicks

micheal.m.hicks at

Water, Vinegar, oil, (etc), food coloring, containers

Hairdryer Eddies

Cassie Stearns

Ladycasa at

haidryer/handheld fan, clay/playdough, basin/pan, food coloring, water


September 14, 2010

November 30, 2010

February 17, 2011

Officers 2010-2011

President - Micheal Hicks

Vice President  - Yaitza Lunas

Secretary - Cassie Stearns

Treasurer - Jose Tirado

Public Relations - Tamil Maldonado

Student Representative  - Jonathan Smith

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Questions or Comments? Please contact us at GSAAS.HU at!


Last updated: 04/05/2011